The J7 Approach

Our approach to design is guided by seven principles and values:


Before an idea is expressed or a line is drawn, we listen. Programming and contextual analysis are the foundations of Design.


Imagination begins the design process in an open workshop setting to discover the overall vision and the "Big Idea"; possibilities become the framework for the skin of creativity.


The fusion of the need with the vision of the "Big Idea" is then shaped and molded into a true sense of "Place." By taking a holistic view of a total environment we integrate planning, architecture, interiors, landscape, and graphic design.


The parallel effort of multi-discipline specialists and staff join through team collaboration to address each aspect of the project.


The firm is structured around a Principal led studio concept. We take leadership responsibility for setting the pace, establishing the tempo and orchestrating the players.


We aspire to serve our clients as unto the Lord. Throughout the project, in our work as in our lives we seek to hear Him say, "Well Done!" good and faithful servant.


Our design goal is to create spaces that touch something deeper - the human spirit facilitating an encounter with God, inspiring those who worship, learn or work in the spaces we help create.