A well designed environment reflects the purpose and mission of the community it serves. Buildings and the open spaces they form must harmonize with their setting and context. J7 Architecture strives to create spaces which satisfy the basic spatial need while lifting the human spirit and inspiring the people who use them. Founded in 1993 by Terry D. Jacobson, J7 is a full service architectural and planning design firm. The firm was established to fill a need in the Christian community for a fresh approach to design services for Churches, Christian schools and other organizations.

Principle Based Service
Seven principles and values guide the firm and the service we provide.

Fresh Design Approach
A philosophy of providing complete design services matches our dedication to bringing imaginative design solutions to every project.

Personal Involvement
With a hands-on commitment to personal involvement in each project, we are accessible and responsive to our clients needs from inception to completion.

Studio Structure and Leadership
By structuring the company on a Principal-led studio organization, we select qualified support staff and consultants as appropriate to the various phases of the project.