J7 has designed a wide range of projects which include a variety of uses. The Church and School campus often incorporate many diverse elements. We strive to apply our experience in a fresh way to each project.

Campus Plan
Master Planning is the organization of multiple buildings with a variety of functions into a cohesive plan. Organized to afford easy vehicular and pedestrian access, open spaces are formed to create places for connection and fellowship.

Worship Space
Our broad range of experience in spaces of assembly allows the creative solutions to worship configurations, sight lines, acoustic and lighting, pre-function and backstage requirements. The careful introduction of natural light, the shape of the interior volume, use of color and materials and the focus of the plan all contribute to the inspirational quality of the worship experience.

Gathering Place
Flexibility, divisibility and variety of uses make a fellowship area function properly. Multi-purpose seating and dining configurations as well as recreational uses shape the interior spaces. Gathering Places include the plazas and courtyards creating the "Outdoor Room."

Work Areas
We have extensive experience in office and administrative spaces through church, corporate and institutional commissions. We understand the office environment and the relationship to the people who are served.

Learning Center
Many churches today fill a vital role in the area of education. In addition to traditional church classroom needs, day school programs of preschool, daycare and elementary through high school have become an important part of the church campus. Our experience also includes university facilities.